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Davit Khuchua

Social worker.. service manager

Davit Khuchua is a medical doctor by profession and has graduated from the Tbilisi State Medical Institute. Davit is certified social worker. He has passed a training course in the health management, provided by the Oxford Policy Management Group. In different periods Davit has worked at Ivane Beritashvili Institute of Physiology, emergency service “Ardi”, ski school for children under the Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia, etc

Davit works at the Public Health Foundation of Georgia since 2009 as a social worker. Since 2011 he is a service manager, delivers trainings for child protection specialists and parents on child abuse prevention and provides support to child survivors. He is representing the Public Health Foundation of Georgia at the Council on Guardianship and Care of the Social Service Agency.

Davit, in the frames of the program on the development of knowledge and skills offered by the Public Health Foundation for its employees, has passed trainings on the management of child abuse cases, assessment of victims of abuse, psycho-social rehabilitation of child survivors of abuse, child interviewing, project management, etc.

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