Child abuse and neglect

Child abuse and neglect, revealing and responding - manual for social workers

Communication with Child Victim and Witness

Communication with traumatized child requires possession of appropriate qualification and is based on the knowledge of special method of interviewing.

Child Helpline 116 111

Child Helpline with number 116 111 supports children who wish to share their problems

Martin Nisse - “ENFANT MALTRAITÉ, DU BON USAGE DE L’INDISCRÉTION” Translated in Georgian

Book for professionals working on issues related to child protection, identification and management of child sexual abuse cases.

How to be a good parent

Dear parents, recommendations provided for you in this publication contain very useful information on child’s positive up-bringing

Child and Youth Advocacy Center

Information about the offered services

Tell me what happened

“Tell Me What Happened” Interviewing Child Victims and Witneces Guideline for trainers and professionals

The main issues of child abuse