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PHF Statement on prevention and fight against the coronavirus

PHF Statement on   prevention and fight against the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic crisis in conflict-affected regions of Georgia.


On March 27, 2020 Russian- occupied Abkhazia   has declared   a state emergency effective until April 20. In addition, on March 28, a mandatory curfew has been enforced in Gali region from 00:00 to 06:00 am to counter the spread of coronavirus. Another Russian occupied Tskinvali region/ South Ossetia is totally closed and isolated from Georgia

Most of the population in  Abkhazia, Tskhinvali region and especially in Gali region including health care workers  does not have an  access to protective measures and information concerning the the coronavirus (COVID-19).

PHFwith its partners in the framework of the EU funded project”Promotion of Human Right to Health of the conflict affected populations in Georgia” is launching an active information campaign to inform and protect   conflict-affected communities in Abkhazia and Tskhinvali Region/ South Ossetia.

PHF is translating, disseminating and improving access to information concerning protective measures to take against the Coronavirus (COVID-19) into Abkhazian, Ossetia and Russian for conflict- affected communities of the aforementioned regions.

PHF with its partners is connecting Georgian and Abkhaz health care workers through ICT communication platforms: conducting virtual discussions, meetings and videoconferences with participation of Georgian and Abkhaz colleagues on the ways to prevent and combat corona virus pandemic crisis in the regions.

PHF is to provide health care workers (HCW) and patients from Abkhazia with all critical health information, including information on GoG health programs, in order to assist targeted HCWs in making effective health care referrals.

At this moment, access to proper hygienic practices and frequent hand washing are particularly important. The best way to protect you is to maintain social distance and stay at home.

In addition, unfortunately, health care workers in Gali region   have no access to necessary medical supplies, which makes it harder to deal with the crisis.

We urge everyone to support   the vulnerable population in Abkhazia and Tskhinvali region.

PHF is ready to provide every citizen with appropriate assistance in the fight against coronavirus.

Stay Healthy!

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