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Child abuse is a global phenomenon and constitutes a violation of the fundamental rights of the child. Violence damages child’s health, impedes intellectual and physical development and hampers the formation of child’s social skills. This problem existed in all countries and historical periods as a controversial and tabooed issue. Over the last few decades, as a result of comprehensive development and promotion of the human rights, legislation, health and forensic expertise, the issue of child abuse became more visible to the international society. However, still much has to be done here. A system, responsible for the protection of children from abuse needs further development and improvement in Georgia too.

It is duty of all adults – parents, professionals and state in general to ensure child’s safe upbringing and development. Resolving child abuse problem implies effective preventive measures and support to child survivors. Establishing safe environment, restoring justice, helps child to cope with abuse related stress and supports the rehabilitation process.

The Public Health Foundation of Georgia believes that child must live in a world, where she or he is treated with dignity, child’s views are taken into consideration and each and every child enjoys equal opportunity to development.

Public awareness rising
Capacity building of professionals
Consultation and rehabilitation services for children and family
Supporting the development of child and youth friendly system and services

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