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Assessing child’s psychological condition:

• Assessment of cognitive processes, emotional state, personal features
• Detecting signs of abuse and damage caused to child by the act of abuse
• Assessment of the child-parent interdependence

Consulting child, parent, guardian

• Child’s difficult behavior
• Specificities of teenage years
• Abuse related psychological trauma and stress
• Psychological crisis in children and young people

Supporting child victim and witness

• Interviewing the child victim and witness by means of using the structured NICHD Protocol to obtain valid information and avoid secondary trauma
• Preparing the child for the trial

Consulting child professionals

• Responding and managing child abuse case – social worker, psychologist, teacher, caregiver, medical doctor, law enforcer, etc.
• Interviewing the child victim and witness
• Preparing the child for the trail
• Needs assessment, consultation and supervision of the child caregiving facilities

Legal aid

• Legal consultancy for the child and youth, victim or at risk of abuse and their family members
• Legal consultancy for the professionals responsible for identification and management of the child abuse cases

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