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Агепатит С адиагностикеи ахәышәтәреи рзы иҿыцӡоу абжьгарақәа

Амедицинатә персонал азы амҩақәҵага

Агәабзиарахьчараҿы ирефералтәу, иҳәынҭқарратәу егьырҭ апрограммақәагьы рхархәаратә зин

Амедицинатә персонали, еиҭаҵу ауааи, аимактә арегионқәа рҿы инхо ауааԥсыреи ирызку

Право пользования реферальной и другими государственными программами здравоохранения

Предназначена для медицинского персонала, перемещенных лиц и для населения проживающих в конфликтных регионах

Новейшие рекомендации по диагностике и лечению Гепатита C

Руководство для медицинского персонала

Revised NICHD Investigative Interview Protocol - 2014, Georgian version

Over the past decade the use of structural protocols in child interviews has improved the quality of child investigative interviews in many countries

Harmful Sexual Behavior in Children and Young People

An overview of evidence-based theories, practice and instruments

Tell me what happened

Interview / interrogation of child victim, witness and in conflict with law – manual for trainers and professionals

Child Abuse - Guideline for Doctors and Healthcare Service Provider Organisations

Child Abuse - Guideline for Doctors and Healthcare Service Provider Organisations

რა ხდება მაშინ, როცა გადაწყვეტ იმოქმედო

რა ხდება მაშინ, როცა გადაწყვეტ იმოქმედო, თვალები აღარ დახუჭო და დაეხმარო მათ, ვისაც ეს ყველაზე მეტად სჭირდება.

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არსებობენ ამბები, რომლებიც ჩვენ გარშემო ხდება. ამბები, რომლებიც შენს ყურადღებას და რეაგირებას მოითხოვენ. ამბები, რომლებიც ხშირად არ ჩანს.

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Statement of organizations working on the rights of Internally Displaced Persons about the Shamgona Tragedy

A tragic information was disseminated today by media regarding the discovery of several dead bodies in Enguri River near the Shamgona village[1]. According to this information, the residents of Gali region were trying to trespass from the occupied territories to the controlled territory of Georgian through the Enguri River[2]. Whilst crossing it, 3 of the trespassers passed away, whilst the 4th person is missing. (See more )

Training for medical doctors: "Child Abuse – identification and response"

The Public Health Foundation of Georgia in cooperation with the Georgian Pediatrics Association on March 20 and 27 and on April 3, 2021 organized the accredited training course for pediatricians and family doctors. Training participants were awarded with the 18 points in the framework of the Continued Medical Education Program. (See more )

“Start to Talk” campaign launch in Georgia

Sexual abuse of a child in sports is an issue, which requires our attention. Sexual abuse may happen in or outside of domestic setting. Violence also takes place in sports. Victims of sexual harassment and sexual abuse in sports can be children of any age, both girls and boys. (See more )

Your Health is Your Right!

The right to health is a universal right for everyone regardless of their nationality, race, ethnicity, age, sex or social status. (See more )

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