Public Health Foundation of Georgia


Mission of the Public Health Foundation of Georgia

Mission of the Public Health Foundation of Georgia is to support the protection of the right to health. The Public Health Foundation of Georgia believes that it is a fundamental right of human beings to enjoy the highest attainable standard of health essential for the self-realization, development and living a life in dignity.

Mission and Vission of the program on protecting children from abuse


Protection of children form abuse is an essential part of the public health. To this end, protection of children from abuse is a priority direction for the Public Health Foundation of Georgia. The Fund believes that children must live in a world, where they are treated with dignity, their views are given a due weight and where all children have the equal right to development.



The Public Health Foundation of Georgia:

  • protects the rights of child to life, health, welfare, development and equality
  • cares to ensure that child is brought up in a family, safe and peaceful environment by means of respecting child’s dignity and autonomy
  • meets the wants of children who are in need of care and protection by bringing their voices to policy and decision makers
  • builds the support on child’s strengths and upholds unambiguously the “do no harm” principle
  • supports child and youth participation and takes into account their views in the program planning and implementation processes

Strategic goals for 2020-2025

Awareness rising

  • Informing public on child abuse issues, including domestic violence
  • Increasing civil responsibility on the importance of detecting and reporting child abuse
  • Empowering children and young people to protect their rights, equipping them with skills to identify rights violations and make adequate responses
  • Educate families on child upbringing, corporal punishment, emotional abuse issues and unacceptability of any other violent approaches

Professional’s knowledge and skills development

  • Timely identification and respond to the risks of child abuse and neglect
  • Safeguarding child’s safety and providing psycho-social rehabilitation
  • Defining the margins of confidentiality and protecting personal data
  • Protecting the best interests of the child

Consultation and rehabilitation services

  • Assessing risks of abuse and defining needs of child survivor
  • Consultation and rehabilitation of abused child
  • Empowering parents to protect their children and prevent abuse


Supporting the development of child-friendly system and services

  • Monitoring, evaluating and drafting the recommendations on the system responsible for child and youth protection and welfare
  • Strengthening collaboration between the agencies and professionals responsible for childcare and protection
  • Participating in the implementation of legislative amendments in cooperation with the governmental and non-governmental agencies.

Target Groups

Child professionals
Persons defining policy on child and youth protection and welfare, relevant decision- makers



Children and young people in need of care and protection

Children, victims of abuse e and neglect

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