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Open and frequent conversations with children about personal safety from an early age is an important component for the prevention of child sexual abuse. Child sexual abuse is a terrible event, but it is not necessary to talk about the abuse to prevent it.

  • • Establish simple personal safety rules for children: easy to remember and understand.


  • • It's important to know the forms and signs of abuse - and what to do and say if it happens.


  • • Ask open-ended questions; Practice active listening and trust your child.


  • • Our tips can help you to guide conversations with your child about personal safety.

A cozy room, a soft couch, warm milk, a cup of hot chocolate or some other snacks will help create a cozy atmosphere. Be the leader during the conversation, the child will follow you.

Approach conversations about personal safety the same way you approach other everyday safety issues, such as traffic rules, dealing with fire and water, and more. Speak calmly and confidently.


Children who are informed about their body parts and personal safety, and who can have open and friendly conversations with their parents, are less likely to become victims of violence.


The guide is prepared by the Public Health Foundation of Georgia, within the framework of the project: "Childhood without violence - Synergies to break the cycle of violence and delinquency involving children and rehabilitate its victims”. The project is funded by the French Development Agency (AFD) and International Aid Foundation and is being implemented in partnership with International Catholic Child Bureau – BICE.

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